Fantasy Red Dragon Incense Burner


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This cute red dragon incense burner is a great focal point in any room and is the perfect gift for spiritually-minded friends.


The dragon is a legendary creature of which some interpretation or depiction appears in almost every culture worldwide. However, the unifying feature of almost all interpretations is it being a serpent or otherwise reptilian monster  and often possessing magical or spiritual qualities.

Incense Burning

The calming effects of exotic incense was discovered by ancient cultures. The natural fragrance of incense removes the stress and heals the spirit. Mesmerizing aromas create a sense of joy and uplift the mood. Recent study suggests that pleasant odour from burning incense may have antidepressant-like effect. 

Product details:

  • Dimensions: Height 15.5cm Width 10.5cm Depth 8.5cm
  • Made from resin
  • This product comes with full safety information and must be placed on a heatproof surface before use

Shipping: Worldwide Service 

Processing Time: 3-4 Business Days (Ships Separately)