Handy Cotton Zip Up Shopping Bag With A Sheep Pattern


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Handy Cotton Zip Up Shopping Bag With A Sheep Pattern

Need a handy, durable and lightweight dafad Welsh sheep shopping bag that is practical, strong and looks great.

The perfect present for anyone who adores sheep and lambs!

While the dragon is the national symbol, the national animal of Wales should be the sheep! Wales is home to three times more sheep than people: over 10 million sheep, and just 3 million people.

The Welsh Mountain sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world, with references to the breed found in literature of the Middle Ages.

Our collection of Welsh sheep gifts includes different products: from sheep shopping bags to sheep door mats we offer a full range of exciting fresh new presents.

 Product details:

  • Dimensions: Height 40cm Width 36cm Depth 9cm
  • Made from strong cotton it's practical for everyday use whether going to do the weekly shop or having a day out at the beach.
  • Ideal for any occasion

Shipping: Worldwide Service  

Processing Time: 3-4 Business Days (Ships Separately)