Welsh Dragon Solar Powered Pal


This eye catching Welsh Dragon has a built in solar panel that does not need batteries, it just needs a sunny window sill to get this cute dragon dancing and waving.

Welsh Dragon

The Welsh Dragon (Y Ddraig Goch) appears on the national flag of Wales. Part from the national flag design, Welsh Dragon is also a popular Welsh symbol.

The oldest recorded use of the dragon to symbolise Wales is from the Historia Brittonum, written around 820, but it is popularly supposed to have been the battle standard of King Arthur and other ancient Celtic leaders.

This myth is likely to have originated from Merlin’s vision of a the Red (Wales) and White (England) dragons battling, with the Red dragon being victorious.

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Product details:

  • Dimensions: Height 10.5cm Width 6.5cm Depth 6cm
  • Made from plastic
  • Not a toy but are CE marked due to small parts

Shipping: Worldwide Service 

Processing Time: 5 Business Days (Ships Separately)